Blue Alchemy Freediving

Why “Blue Alchemy”?

Alchemy can be defined as an ancient philosophical tradition meant to hasten the purification, growth, and perfection of matter and man. An alchemist would dedicate his or her life to transmuting matter/energies from their raw state into their higher, more refined forms. Here at Blue Alchemy we are focused on turning people into knowledgeable and exceptional divers.

Freediving is multi-faceted; while some enjoy the rush of chasing depths and numbers, others thrive off the meditative state and sense of self awareness. Like alchemy, freediving changes its practitioners over time, and there are as many different Freedivers as there are grains of sand in the ocean.

Blue Alchemy aspires to impart a new generation of freedivers with a respect for nature, a thirst for self-improvement, and the knowledge earned from years of practice. All freedivers are reaching for deeper depths, longer breaths and one last catch, but we at Blue Alchemy believe one thing resonates with all those who take that long breath and dive into the deep. “We are searching for something.” With every dive we are growing, learning, and racing for that inner and outer perfection that can only be found where the intrepid dare to look